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Sale Snore Relief Mouthpiece

Snore Relief Mouthpiece

Availability: In Stock     (101 Customer Reviews)
Snore Relief Mouthpiece
Price: $19.95
Special: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Just $19.95
MSRP $69.95 You Save: $50.00 ( %71 )
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  Product Description Item: 2042470 Whats included | Features

The Safe And Effective Way To Quiet, Restful Sleep!

          Snoring will occur when the front lower jaw is naturally pulled back, forcing your palettes to vibrate. The Snore Relief Mouthpiece helps by slightly repositioning your lower jaw forward and widening the gap for a constant unrestricted airway. This prevents the palettes from vibrating against each other — no pills needed! Simple step-by-step instructions are provided to ensure that each mouthpiece fits correctly for a comfortable and lasting fit. Perfect for people suffering from sleep apnea and allergies, too. Reusable and easy to clean, plus comes with FREE carrying case.

Why it works..

           People snore because of vibration of tissues in the back of the throat that occurs during sleep. In order to prevent snoring the airspace has to be widened. Experts have been using this treatment for more than 2 decades to cure around 90% of their patients' snoring problems. Snore Relief employs the same method because of its proven effectiveness. Snore Relief is designed in a way that guarantees immediate effect. You can use it as soon as you open the box but without the expensive procedures with your physician. Snore Relief is cleared by the FDA, so you don't need to worry about its quality as it is safe and efficient.

Backed by years of technology and research..

          Snore Relief is really effective! Many of you have been disappointed by products that do not deliver the promised results . You have probably tried breathing strips, pillows and chinstraps to get rid of the snoring. Most of those methods are ineffective because they don't tackle the problem in the right way- they ignore the fact that snoring occurs in the back of the throat. The secret behind Snore Relief's effectiveness is that it gently lifts the lower jaw through its innovative approach. As a result the airspace in the back of the throat is widened. As the vibration of the surrounding soft tissues is eliminated. This is how the problem with loud snoring is solved.

Air Spring Base Technology

          Snore Relief's Air Spring Base Technology is innovative because it allows variable bite opening and gentle temporomandibular joint decompression. Snore Relief does not make you feel uncomfortable as many other mouthpieces on the market do. Discomfort comes if your jaw is in a clenched position, with Snore Relief this is not the case. All in all, the function of the device is to enable you to get a good night's sleep. It is important to make sure your jaw is completely relaxed while using the device. In this way you will be able to feel comfortable during sleep.

One size fits all.

Includes dot Features
  • Snore Relief Mouthpiece
  • Travel Case
  • dot
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - We'll refund your purchase payment if you're not 100% satisfied
  • Durable travel case and step-by-step instructions are included
  • Excellent alternative to expensive custom mouthpieces from the dentist.
  • Features a wide opening to help provide a constant airflow circulation.
  • Recommended by doctors and dentists.
  • Sleep peacefully and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated

  • Reviews Rated Out Of 101 Reviews Add Your Review Or Images
    Overal Rating 5 Out Of 5
    By Jerome M. On 7/23/2013
        Very good product, stays put, allows good sleeping pattern, also no longer need CPAP machine
    Overal Rating 5 Out Of 5
    By Donita G. On 3/2/2015
        Will shop with your store online more! Satisfied customer!
    Overal Rating 3 Out Of 5
    By Karen L. On 1/16/2015
        The mouth piece is to big and hurts my mouth. Don't think it's going to work for me. My teeth are even sore.
    View All 101 Reviews

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