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Sale Ultimate Sushi Maker Kit

Ultimate Sushi Maker Kit

Availability: Temporarily Out Of Stock     
Ultimate Sushi Maker Kit
Price: $16.95
Special: Buy 3 Get 1 Free Just $16.95
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  Product Description Item: 2042312 Whats included | Features

The Ultimate Sushi Making Kit!

      Stop rolling by hand. This 5-in-1 sushi mold set makes it easy for anyone to create perfect looking sushi right at home. It doesn't take a lot of time, and it doesn't require any special skills either. Even someone who has no experience at all, can easily create professional looking rolls with this set. Simply add your ingredients to the mold, press or form using the appropriate piece, and then cut into portions using the integrated cutting guides. This set includes everything you need to create sushi rolls in the following shapes: large square, small square, round, pyramid, and heart. It even includes a rice fork, a spatula and a free sushi knife with a non-stick coating. The included instructions and cook book give step by step instructions and several recipes to get you started. The Sushi Master Sushi Maker Set makes a great gift for anyone that loves sushi, but it would be a nice addition to any kitchen. It is designed for any skill level and would be equally beneficial to professional chefs and novices alike.

nbsp;     Take advantage of the health benefits of eating fresh sushi at home. You will be able to make all of the popular shapes of sushi utilizing specially designed molds and easy to follow instructions. With the rise in living standards, more and more people are becoming health conscious and are beginning to pay more attention to what they eat. For this reason, Japanese food is becoming increasingly more popular because it is light and healthy, utilizes fresh ingredients, and contains virtually no fats or oils. Sushi is by far the most popular of these foods and is now widely enjoyed by all types of people. This set was designed under the strict guidance of master Japanese chefs to ensure that it is an easy and effective tool to facilitate preparation of sushi at home. The 5-in-1 Sushi Master mold will let you make delicious, professional quality sushi with an appearance that even the greatest chefs would admire.

Includes dot Features
  • Ultimate Sushi Maker Kit
  • (8) Different mold pieces
  • (1) Spatula
  • (1) Large Sushi Fork
  • (1) Non-stick Sushi Knife
  • Instructions
  • Recipe Guide
  • 30 Day Warranty
  • dot
  • Large Square (Futo-Maki)
  • Small Square (Tekka-Maki)
  • Round (Wrap & Roll)
  • Triangle (Pyramid)
  • Heart (California Lover's Delight)
  • Nigiri (Finger Food Delight), Hand Cone (Party Roll) Battleship Roll (Hand Roll)

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